Tutorial: React Product Compare Page

Simple Recipe #1 : React Product Compare Page

About two months ago, our team had a new requirement to implement for a website: to be able to allow users to select products and compare them side by side instead of just displaying a list and leaving most of the mental organization for them. It was agreed that was not a good user experience, and the technical team including me were able to convey that the comparison work would be pretty simple to implement. The product comparison apps that show up in the top results of a "react comparison app" query were a little complex and took a couple minutes to study to get the comparison functionality out, which was the main point. I decided to make one of the simplest product comparisons as possible, a suitable demo for beginners with React and generally anyone with 5 minutes at their fingertips.

Let's get started.

Part 1: Start off with Create React App

  • Run npx create-react-app product-compare in the command line.

Part 2: Create your comparison component:

import React, { useState } from 'react'
const ProductComparison = ({ products }) => {
    const [selectedItems, setSelectedItems] = useState([])

    const addToCompare = (item) => {
      setSelectedItems((selectedItems) => [...selectedItems, item])

    const removeFromCompare = (item) => {
      const filteredItems = selectedItems.filter(product => product.id !== item.id)

    return (
        ...your component

This the heart of the component. SelectedItems State is initialized, the state that contains the data of items selected to compare. The addToCompare function is a simple function to add to the state. The removeFromCompare function filters the selected item out of the SelectedItems state and sets the state again.

Here is the finished product: