So I've been on hiatus

First off, big thank you for everyone still checking in on the blog even though there has been a lack of updates since May (according to Google Analytics, I still received some traffic which is good). It's nearing the end of the year and I've been postponing/procrastinating on blog posts. Basically due to:

- plans to completely redo the site again (next version I will not be using a template starter)

- not dedicating time to make teachable examples

- still having a beginner's mindset and thinking I don't want to teach something that I only just learned, but maybe that is the way to go

- not being that reflective

- exploring more hobbies

- just self-doubt and procrastination

I don't really know what is meant to be in this blog, but maybe that is the point. It's far too early to make judgments...and it's far too late to come back from such a long hiatus (in my standards, of course there are blogs out there have been abandoned for several years).

Or is it?