Git Command Cheatsheet

My Cheatsheet


Configure git

View global config

  • git config --list
  • git config --list --show-origin : view .git/config file location
  • git branch -vv : view upstream tracking info for each branch of your repo in

Remove git tracking from folder:

  • rm -rf .git

Remove all unstaged files

  • git checkout -- .

Back out of merge

  • git merge --abort

Git Revert

  • git revert <commit hash>
  • Applies git commit that reverts that commit

Undo Git Commit That Was Not Pushed

  • git reset --soft HEAD~ : undo commit and keep all files staged
  • git reset HEAD~ or git reset --mixed HEAD~ - undo the last commit and unstage all files
  • Source

Git Cherry Pick

  • git log : grab Commit Hash
  • git checkout <target branch>
  • git cherry-pick <copied hash> : Move the changes done in commit hash to this target branch

Git Remove Commit Change

  • git checkout <branch to remove change from>


  • git reset --soft <commit Hash you want to start from> : removes the commits BUT doesn't remove changes: git status shows changes that were removed and to be committed (in staging, with changes staged for commit)
  • git log : see that commit msgs after are gone


  • git reset <commit hash> : removes commits BUT keeps changes in working directory (but changes not staged)


  • git reset --hard <commit hash> : reverts tracked files to state they were in before but it leaves untracked files alone
  • git reset --hard HEAD~ : undo the commit and revert all changes, completely turn back to original state

Git Lost and Found Commits

  • git fsck --lost-found
  • Results in dangling commits (your lost work even before a botched git reset are cached! Unless Git did a garbage collection)
  • Then run git reflog to find commit id and apply it back onto current branch with git merge
  • Source

Git Reflog

  • git reflog : walkthrough of operations to git history

Git Clean

  • git clean -df : Removes untracked files and folders, keeps working directory clean

Git tracking errors --need to rebase

  • git pull
  • git merge origin/<feature branch>

Git squash commits

  • git merge --squash <feature branch>

Git view files changed in commit

  • git diff-tree --no-commit-id --name-only -r <commit hash>

Git add extra file to commit

  • git commit --amend
  • New file will be added to previous commit

Git change recent commit message

  • git commit --amend -m "Changed previous commit msg"


Git Log What Files Changed

  • git whatchanged

Git Log What Files Changed in Last N Commits

  • git log --name-status -<N>

Git Log In Reverse Order, First Commit Ascending

Working with Remote

Sync Forked Repo with Original

git remote add upstream

# Sync your fork
git fetch upstream
git checkout master
git merge upstream/master

Set Upstream to Branch

git branch --set-upstream-to=origin/<branch> <feature branch>

Git Remote View Origin

  • git remote -v

Git Remote Set

  • git remote set-url origin <url>
  • git remote set <url>

Git Pull - Fatal, Refuse to Merge Unrelated Histories

  • git pull origin <remote branch> --allow-unrelated-histories

Git Delete Remote Branch

  • git push origin --delete <remote branch>

Git Checkout Remote Branch

  • git checkout -b <branch name> origin/<branch name>


Dry Run, Check which files will be deleted

  • git clean -d -n

Git Delete Untracked Files and Repos

  • git clean -d -f

Git Remove untracked files (run when SURE of what will be deleted)

  • git clean