Getting Python2 on my Mac

The Python community is trying to Thanos snap Python2...


And for good reason. Python2 is considered pretty deprecated, and Python3 is the way to go.

Python3 has treated me well, as an ally for working with AWS, for the joy of using print method instead of statements, and the Machine Learning support built around it.

However, Python2 would just not leave me alone. I had issues using the NPM package node-sass, particularly node-gyp.

Here is how I got Python2 working on my Mac.

It just won't stay dead...

  1. Install Pyenv from Homebrew

    brew install pyenv
    pyenv versions

    Running this step you will see what version of Python your current system is using

  2. Switch to Python2 (currently using 2.7.18)

    pyenv install 2.7.18
    pyenv global 2.7.18
  3. Enable Python2 in your Bash shell

    eval "$(pyenv init -)"

  4. Source
  5. PyEnv Documentation