Biden's Presidency Starts Today

A quick note for posterity.

Today marks the inauguration of the 46th POTUS, Joe Biden. Like the rest of America, I couldn't be happier but am troubled by the sheer amount of stuff to fix, and fear that those concerns won't be addressed in time or how I and many others would desire.

But it's time for hope and further resilience. Many Americans feel the same way -just a little more relief that the things we can't control are now in the hands of people more appropriate and mature to handle.

There is, however, one thing I can control -and that is being more involved in seeing how those problems are addressed -it's a cliche but it's 11PM and I have work tomorrow so I'll just be lazy and say it: it's our civic duty to hold those in power accountable. So I'll be looking to do more data analysis and reporting of public government data I find interesting. Let's say it's part of my New Year's resolution.

Time to get to business...

Off the top of my head, some of the political issues revealed/caused/occurred during Trump's presidency that should not be swept under the archives of Twitter

  • COVID medical response and rapid vaccinations obviously
  • Financial aid for those impacted in 2020 (COVID, evictions, PPP for small businesses, wildfire victims, etc.)
  • More action taken for the fight against racism
  • Limiting presidential power, and perhaps imposing terms for Senate, rollback Citizens v. United 2010 to limit corporate political spending (wishful thinking)
  • Humanitarian treatment of immigrants detained at border, Uygurs in China, Syria response, etc.
  • Holding truly malicious people accountable (insurrections, uncompromisable politicians, etc.)
  • TBC